Neuromodulation in the brain


See here the schedule for our 4th block!! We will update it with the talks title and the abstracts.

As usual, talks will be streamed on Crowdcast

30th of June, 5pm CET

Lindsay Collins: “Effects of vagus nerve stimulation on arousal state and cortical excitation” - McCormick lab, University of Oregon. Abstract | Replay

Cristina Colangelo: “An in-silico framework to study the cholinergic modulation of the neocortex” - Blue Brain Project, EPFL. Abstract | Replay

14th of July, 5pm CET

Jasmine Pickford : “Cerebellar acetylcholine and motor behaviour” - Apps lab, University of Bristol. Abstract | Replay

Luke Coddington: “A role for dopamine in value-free learning” - Dudman lab, HHMI Janelia. Abstract | Replay

28th of July, 5pm CET

Rohan Sharma: “Acetylcholine modulation of short-term plasticity is critical to reliable long-term plasticity in hippocampal synapses” -Suhita lab, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune. Abstract | Replay

Inês Guerreiro: “Disinhibitory and neuromodulatory regulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity” - Gutkin lab, Ecole Normale Superieure. Abstract | Replay

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