Predictive processing


See here the schedule for our 5th block!! We will update it with the talks title and the abstracts.

As usual, talks will be streamed on Crowdcast

8th of September, 5pm CET

Caroline Jahn: “Rule learning representation in the fronto-parietal network” - Buschman lab, Princeton University. Abstract | Replay

Ramon Bartolo: “The role of the primate prefrontal cortex in inferring the state of the world and predicting change” - Averbeck lab, National Institute of Mental Health. Abstract | Replay

22nd of September, 5pm CET

Nick Audette: “Expectation of self-generated sounds drives predictive processing in mouse auditory cortex” - Schneider lab, New York University. Abstract | Replay

Colleen J. Gillon: “Learning from unexpected events in the neocortical microcircuit” - Richards lab, University of Toronto. Abstract | Replay

6th of October, 5pm CET

Nuttida Rungratsameetaweemana: “Neural dynamics of probabilistic information processing in humans and recurrent neural networks” - Sejnowski lab, Salk Institute & UCSD. Abstract | Replay

Oded Bein: “Learning and updating structured knowledge” - Niv lab, Princeton University. Abstract | Replay

20th of October, 5pm CET

Selina Solomon: “Limited Evidence for Sensory Prediction Error Responses in Visual Cortex of Macaques and Humans” - Kohn lab, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Growth Intelligence. Abstract || Unfortunately, Selina’s talk had to be cancelled due to unforeseen events.

Tomaso Muzzu: “Feature selectivity can explain mismatch signals in mouse visual cortex” - Saleem lab, University College London. Abstract | Replay

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