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Special Session on Alternative Careers for Neuroscience PhDs, July 2023

Patrick Mineault, Freelance AI consultant, xcorr consulting.

Ashley Juavinett, Assistant Teaching Professor, UC San Diego.

Matt Kelley, Senior Scientist, Pfizer.

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Past speakers

Jan-May 2023

Shervin Safavi: “Signatures of criticality in efficient coding networks” - Dayan Lab, MPI for Biological Cybernetics. Abstract | Replay

Leandro J Fosque: “Quasicriticality and the quest for a framework of neuronal dynamics” - Beggs Lab, IU Bloomington. Abstract | Replay

Roman Huszár: “Developmentally structured coactivity in the hippocampal trisynaptic loop” - Buzsáki Lab, New York University. Abstract | Replay

Dániel Barabási: “Nature over Nurture: Functional neuronal circuits emerge in the absence of developmental activity” - Engert Lab, MCB Harvary University. Abstract | Replay

Elijah Lowenstein: “Prox2+ and Runx3+ vagal sensory neurons regulate esophageal motility” - Birchmeier lab, Max Delbrück Center. Abstract | Replay

Rocio Servin: “PIEZO2 in somatosensory neurons coordinates gastrointestinal transit” - Patapoutian Lab, Scripps Research Institute. Abstract | Replay

Dheeraj Roy: “Targeting thalamic circuits rescues motor and mood deficits in PD mice” - Feng Lab, Broad Institute (MIT/Harvard). Abstract | Replay

Maryam Pasdarnavab: “Hippocampal network dynamics during impaired working memory in epileptic mice” - Ewell lab, University of Bonn. Abstract | Replay

Karola Käfer: “The medial prefrontal cortex replays generalized sequences” - Csicsvari Lab, IST Austria. Abstract | Replay

Sept-Dec 2022

João Barbosa: “Flexible selection of task-relevant features through population gating” - Ostojic Lab, École Normale Supérieure. Abstract | Replay

Olivier Gschwend: “Prefrontal top-down projections control context-dependent strategy selection” - Li Lab, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Abstract | Replay

Aran Nayebi: “Mouse visual cortex as a limited resource system that self-learns an ecologically-general representation” - ICoN Fellow, MIT. Abstract | Replay

Rylan Schaeffer: “No Free Lunch from Deep Learning in Neuroscience: A Case Study through Models of the Entorhinal-Hippocampal Circuit” - Stanford University & Fiete Lab, MIT. Abstract | Replay

William de Cothi: “Learning predictive maps in the brain for spatial navigation” - Barry Lab, UCL. Abstract | Replay

Brianna Vandrey: “Lateral entorhinal cortex directly influences medial entorhinal cortex through synaptic connections in layer 1” - Nolan Lab, University of Edinburgh. Abstract | Replay

Kevin Berlemont: “Nonlinear neural network dynamics accounts for human confidence in a sequence of perceptual decisions” - Wang Lab, NYU. Abstract | Replay

Gabriel Stine: A neural mechanism for terminating decisions - Shadlen Lab, Columbia University. Abstract | Replay

Pantelis Vafeidis: - Rangel Lab, Caltech. Abstract | Replay

Anna Kutschireiter: “The secret Bayesian life of ring attractor networks” - Spiden AG. Abstract | Replay

June-July 2022

Vladyslava Pechuk: “Reprogramming the nociceptive circuit topology reshapes sexual behavior in C. elegans” - Oren Lab, Weizmann Institute of Science. Abstract | Replay

Cathy Chen: “Sex Differences in Learning from Exploration” - Grissom Lab, University of Minnesota. Abstract | Replay

Meritxell Sáez: “Gene-free landscape models for development” - Instituto Químico de Sarrià (IQS). Abstract | Replay

Esther Klingler: “Transcriptional controls over projection neuron fate diversity” - Jabaudon lab, University of Geneva. Abstract | Replay

Ipshita Zutshi: “Extrinsic control and intrinsic computation in the hippocampal CA1 network” - Buzsáki Lab, NYU. Abstract | Replay

Xenia Grande: “The functional architecture of the human entorhinal-hippocampal circuitry” - University Magdeburg & German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases. Abstract | Replay

Apr-May 2022

Tatsuya Tsukahara: “Transcriptional adaptation couples past experience and future sensory responses” - Datta Lab, Harvary Medical School. Abstract | Replay

Stephane Bugeon: “A transcriptomic axis predicts state modulation of cortical interneurons” - Harris/Carandini Lab, UCL. Abstract | Replay

Megha Sehgal: “Co-allocation to overlapping dendritic branches in the retrosplenial cortex integrates memories across time” - Silva Lab, UCLA. Abstract | Replay

Danil Tyulmankov: “Meta-learning synaptic plasticity and memory addressing for continual familiarity detection” - Abbott Lab, Columbia University. Abstract | Replay

Mar-Apr 2022

Manuel Beiran: “Parametric control of flexible timing through low-dimensional neural manifolds” - Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, Columbia University & Rajan Lab, Icahn Mount Sinai. Abstract | Replay

Laureline Logiaco: “Flexible motor sequence generation by thalamic control of cortical dynamics through low-rank connectivity perturbations” - Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, Columbia University. Abstract | Replay

Tamar Koren: “Remembering immunity: Neuronal representation of immune responses” - Rolls Lab, Technion. Abstract | Replay

Alexandra Klein: “Brain-body interactions that modulate fear” - Kheirbeck Lab, UCSF. Abstract | Replay

Payam Piray: “Efficient reuse of computations in planning” - Daw Lab, Princeton University. Abstract | Replay

Yul Kang: “Spatial uncertainty provides a unifying account of navigation behavior and grid field deformations” - CBL Lab, Cambridge University. Abstract | Replay

Jan-Feb 2022

Jacob Bellmund: “Deforming the metric of cognitive maps distorts memory” - Doeller lab, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Abstract | Replay

Alexander Attinger: “Distance-tuned neurons drive specialized path integration calculations in medial entorhinal cortex” - Giocomo lab, Stanford University. Abstract | Replay

Michael Reitman: “Norepinephrine links astrocytic activity to regulation of cortical state” - Poskanzer Lab, UCSF. Abstract | Replay

Katharina Merten “Astrocytes encode complex behaviorally relevant information” - Nimmerjahn Lab, Salk Institute. Abstract | Replay

Munir Gunes Kutlu: “Dissecting the role of accumbal D1 and D2 medium spiny neurons in information encoding” - Calipari Lab, Vanderbilt University. Abstract | Replay not available

Olivia Swanson: “Primary motor cortex circuitry in a mouse model of Parkinson’s Disease” - Dani Lab, University of Pennsylvania. Abstract | Replay not available

Chaitanya Chintaluri Metabolic spikes: from rogue electrons to Parkinson’s - Vogels Lab, IST Austria. Abstract | Replay

Zahid Padamsey How does the metabolically-expensive mammalian brain adapt to food scarcity? - Rochefort lab, University of Edinburgh. Abstract | Replay

Navigation (Nov-Dec 2021)

Erik Hermansen: “Space wrapped onto a grid cell torus” - Dunn lab, NTNU. Abstract | Replay

Sarthak Chandra: “Self-organized formation of discrete grid cell modules from smooth gradients” - Fiete lab, MIT. Abstract | Replay

Salman Qasim: “Phase precession in the human hippocampus and entorhinal cortex” - Gu lab, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Abstract | Replay

Hannah Payne: Neural representations of space in the hippocampus of a food-caching bird - Aronov lab, Columbia University’s Zuckerman Institute. Abstract | Replay

Nick Robinson: “Targeted Activation of Hippocampal Place Cells Drives Memory-Guided Spatial Behaviour” - Häusser lab, University College London. Abstract | Replay

Philip Shamash: “Mice identify subgoals locations through an action-driven mapping process” - Branco lab, University College London. Abstract | Replay

Anna Gillespie: “Hippocampal replay reflects specific past experiences rather than a plan for subsequent choice” - Frank lab, UC San Francisco. Abstract | Replay

Predictive Processing (Sept-Oct 2021)

Caroline Jahn: “Rule learning representation in the fronto-parietal network” - Buschman lab, Princeton University. Abstract | Replay

Ramon Bartolo: “The role of the primate prefrontal cortex in inferring the state of the world and predicting change” - Averbeck lab, National Institute of Mental Health. Abstract | Replay

Nick Audette: “Expectation of self-generated sounds drives predictive processing in mouse auditory cortex” - Schneider lab, New York University. Abstract | Replay

Colleen J. Gillon: “Learning from unexpected events in the neocortical microcircuit” - Richards lab, University of Toronto. Abstract | Replay

Nuttida Rungratsameetaweemana: “Neural dynamics of probabilistic information processing in humans and recurrent neural networks” - Sejnowski lab, Salk Institute & UCSD. Abstract | Replay

Oded Bein: “Learning and updating structured knowledge” - Niv lab, Princeton University. Abstract | Replay

Selina Solomon: “Limited Evidence for Sensory Prediction Error Responses in Visual Cortex of Macaques and Humans” - Kohn lab, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Growth Intelligence. Abstract || Unfortunately, Selina’s talk had to be cancelled due to unforeseen events.

Tomaso Muzzu: “Feature selectivity can explain mismatch signals in mouse visual cortex” - Saleem lab, University College London. Abstract | Replay

Neuromodulation (Jun-Jul 2021)

Lindsay Collins: “Effects of vagus nerve stimulation on arousal state and cortical excitation” - McCormick lab, University of Oregon. Abstract | Replay

Cristina Colangelo: “An in-silico framework to study the cholinergic modulation of the neocortex” - Blue Brain Project, EPFL. Abstract | Replay

Jasmine Pickford : “Cerebellar acetylcholine and motor behaviour” - Apps lab, University of Bristol. Abstract | Replay

Luke Coddington: “A role for dopamine in value-free learning” - Dudman lab, HHMI Janelia. Abstract | Replay

Rohan Sharma: “Acetylcholine modulation of short-term plasticity is critical to reliable long-term plasticity in hippocampal synapses” - Suhita lab, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune. Abstract | Replay

Inês Guerreiro: “Disinhibitory and neuromodulatory regulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity” - Gutkin lab, Ecole Normale Superieure. Abstract | Replay

Neuroscience of Naturalistic Behavior (May-Jun 2021)

Asaf Gal: “The collective behavior of the clonal raider ant: computations, patterns, and naturalistic behavior” - Kronauer lab, Rockefeller University. Abstract | Replay

Daniel Knebel: “Three levels of variability in the collective behavior of locusts” - Ayali lab, Tel Aviv University. Abstract | Replay

Constanze Lenschow: “Anatomical and functional characterization of the neuronal circuits underlying ejaculation” - Lima lab, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. Abstract | Replay

Takashi Yamaguchi: “Distinct limbic-hypothalamic circuits for the generation of social behaviors” - Lin lab, New York University. Abstract | Replay

Ayelet Sarel: “Natural switches in sensory attention rapidly modulate hippocampal spatial codes” - Ulanovsky lab, Weizmann Institute of Science. Abstract | Replay

Tu Anh Nguyen “Investigating the sun compass in monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus)” - el Jundi lab, University Würzburg. Abstract | Replay

Yael Bitterman: “Structures in space and time - Hierarchical network dynamics in the amygdala” - Luethi lab, FMI for Biomedical research. Abstract | Replay

Adam Calhoun: “Measuring behavior to measure the brain” - Murthy lab, Princeton University. Abstract | Replay

Inter-areal communication (Mar-Apr 2021)

Aleena Garner: “A Cortical Circuit for Audio-Visual Predictions” - Keller lab, Friedrich Miescher Institute. Abstract | Replay

Kelly Clancy: “Understanding sensorimotor control at global and local scales” - Mrsic-Flogel lab, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre. Abstract | Replay

Matthew Perich: “Inferring brain-wide interactions using data-constrained recurrent neural network models” - Rajan lab, Mount Sinai. Abstract | Replay

Evren Gokcen: “Exploring feedforward and feedback communication between visual cortical areas with DLAG” - Yu lab, Carnegie Mellon University. Abstract | Replay

Monique Smith: “Anterior Cingulate inputs to nucleus accumbens control the social transfer of pain and analgesia” - Malenka lab, Stanford University. Abstract | Replay

Adi Kol: “Astrocytes contribute to remote memory formation by modulating hippocampal-cortical communication during learning” - Goshen lab, Edmond & Lily Safra Center. Abstract | Replay

David Tingley: “A metabolic function of the hippocampal sharp wave-ripples” - Buzsáki lab, NYU. Abstract | Replay

Javad Karimi Abadchi: “Spatiotemporal patterns of neocortical activity around hippocampal sharp-wave ripples” - Mohajerani & McNaughton lab, University of Lethbridge. Abstract | Replay

Neuroscience at the intersection of experiments and theory (Jan-Feb 2021)

Nicolas Meirhaeghe: “Predictive processing in the macaque frontal cortex during time estimation” - Jazayeri lab, MIT. Abstract | Replay not available

Federico Stella: “Global AND Scale-Free? Spontaneous cortical dynamics between functional networks and cortico-hippocampal communication” - Battaglia lab, Donders Institute. Abstract | Replay not available

Soledad Gonzalo Cogno: “Slow global population dynamics propagating through the medial entorhinal cortex " - Moser lab, NTNU. Abstract | Replay not available

Zoe Ashwood: “Mice alternate between discrete strategies during perceptual decision-making” - Pillow lab, Princeton University. Abstract | Replay

Claire Hales: “Modelling affective biases in rodents: behavioural and computational approaches” - Robinson lab, University of Bristol. Abstract | Replay

Arseny Finkelstein: “Mechanisms of cortical communication during decision-making” - Svododa lab, Janelia HHMI. Abstract | Replay